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Stacey Fish Mental Health Counselor at BalanceI am looking forward to meeting you in person or via Telehealth soon! 

My name is Stacey Fish and I am the founder of Balance Counseling and Wellness. 

My teenage/young adult years were the most challenging time in my life and because of this I went through multiple traumas, self esteem challenges, personal trials and struggles and have overcome these with the help of counseling, positive connections, yoga, mindfulness and some deep work with self awareness. My story has lead me through many transitions but I have always known I would be in the field of helping. My journey has taken me from cosmetology to social work to school counseling and now to my life’s passion in mental health counseling.  Due to my life experiences and transitions I feel like I can guide others with firsthand knowledge which has proven to help me as a counselor. 

I specialize in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, DBT, Solution Focused counseling, play therapy, Art Therapy and mindfulness. I am also a Yoga Alliance RYT certified yoga instructor certified through Breathe for Change that specializes in meditation and a certified drumbeat facilitator. I believe that therapy is not a one size fits all structure. I have witnessed the benefits of play, art, yoga and meditation in combination with talk therapy that make my sessions magical and exciting. I allow my clients to show me what they need to get the most out of our time. Sometimes a client just needs to paint it out or take some time to go inward with some meditation or yoga stretching. I've found healing and growth can come in many ways and our inner creativity can help us to get out our emotions and/or work through our trauma. 

Spring Arbor University, located in Eastern Michigan, is where I received my bachelors in social work in 2014 and continued on to complete a dual master’s degree in mental health counseling and school counseling in 2016. After graduation I decided I needed some sunshine and warmth in my life, so I made the move from my hometown in Grand Rapids Michigan to Tampa Bay, best decision ever! Since my move, I have discovered biking, kayaking, outdoor yoga and reading on the beach are some
of my new favorite self-care activities that Florida brings all year! 

I am so excited to use my skills and experiences to help our clients create a balanced life! 

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